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Version 4.9.2

Postby chessware » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:03 am

  • 4.9.2 (06/21/2011)
    • Click management is now cut in 3 modes:
      • <i>Standard</i> : Clicks are managed at the window level like any other Windows applications. This mode is not compatible with Korean keyboard.
      • <i>Advanced</i> : Special improvement which keeps the cursor from moving when taping on the keyboard.
      • <i>Multi-touch</i> : for Windows 7 or above with multi-touch compatible hardware.
    • New <i>Lock</i> activation feature which keeps other windows from activating in order to prevent accidental tapes.
:arrow: touchit_4.9.2.exe (3.96 MB)

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