Sluggish behavior (latency) when typing fast

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Sluggish behavior (latency) when typing fast

Postby rlk1616 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:13 pm

I like your product, but have 2 issues that stand in way of my buying license:
1) Typing quickly (e.g., fast "touch typing") on TI virtual keyboard is difficult: TI keyboard seems "sluggish", there is latency between the time a key is touched/tapped and the time its character appears on screen and the beep sound is played. If I type 3, 4, or 5 characters rapidly in a row, I may hear the beep sound for only 2 of the keystrokes. Sometimes all the typed characters will eventually appear, sometimes the TI keyboard "swallows" one of the keystrokes and its character doesn't appear on screen or appears as a period (".") instead of the originally-typed character. The same thing does NOT occur when using the original/built-in Windows 10 OSK: that keyboard is able to 'keep up' with very fast typing; each keystroke plays its short "click" (not beep) sound, no sounds are lost/swallowed, and all typed characters do appear on screen. I compared the TI vs. Win10 OSKs one after another, typing quickly on both an there is a definite difference: TI is noticeably more sluggish. It is difficult to type fast on any OSK, but with Compact or Extended layouts the keypad size is large enough to accomplish it--if the OSK app can "keep up". I am using Surface Pro (2017 -- latest version) with i5 CPU and 8G RAM--there should be plenty of processing "horsepower" to support fast OSK typing.
Try this experiment to reproduce the problem: Open TI OSK in a text field--e.g., in Command prompt (cmd.exe) window, for example. Using 2 hands, type the letters "n", <spacebar>, "v" in sequence, repeatedly. Start slowly--all is well. Now speed up the typing of this sequence: on my Surface, as I go faster, I either see just "n" and "v" (no spaces), or the "n" keystrokes appear on-screen as "." characters instead of "n"'s.
I originally thought this issue might have something to do with the way TI app is "playing" its beep sound (which is longer-duration than the "click" sound used in the Win10 OSK), so I set the beep sound volume to 0/off, but the sluggishness continued. Is there a way to improve typing throughput to overcome the sluggishness for fast typists?

2) The beep sound is horrible. Although the ultimate solution is to let end-user upload/configure his own sound of choice, in the meantime, can't you offer option to produce *same click sound* as used on Win10 keyboard as an alternative to the beep? As you said on other forum post, *any* sound may be annoying to some people, but you should at least offer option to behave just like Win10 keyboard to begin. And it can't be hard for you to implement such click sound option, right?

Any chance to see improvements in the above 2 issues in near term?

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