Microsoft Edge Browser stops working (1709) when installing Touchit Keyboard

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Microsoft Edge Browser stops working (1709) when installing Touchit Keyboard

Postby gundal » Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:29 pm

I want to escape from the horrible solution Microsoft delivers for an on-screen keyboard.
But in Windows 10 (Creators Update 1709) when I install Touch-It Virtual Keyboard the Edge Browser stops working!
I tried different settings (disabling the MS keyboard, leaving it enabled...) but does not work.

The behaviour of the Edge browser -> it openes, but does not react to touch inputs anymore, the last pages will load very slow or do not load at all. It is unusable.

After a lot of testing (repairing Edge, deleting Cache, deleting local Edge user directories, reinstalling Edge by powershell) I figured out that it was the installation of the Touch-It software. And it is reproduceable: At the moment I uninstall the Touch-It software (one time I had Edge running in the background) the Edge browser immediately loads all recent pages - and since a youtube page was one of the recent pages... it immediately startet playing that video in the background.

I want to get rid of the build in touch screen keyboard because it consumes half of the screen - is not resizeable etc. Don't know whats wrong with them designing such a thing.

Since there are not a lot of virtual keyboard alternatives for Windows 10 out there... I hope you can provide a solution or a fix quite soon, because I really like your approach and the possibility to design own keyboard layouts!


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