Keypress misordering

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Keypress misordering

Postby DrCrunch » Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:14 am


I've been working on creating a keyboard and have run into a problem. If I have two keys X and Y (which could be scan codes, unicode, virtual key codes, or actions), and I quickly press X, then press Y, and then release Y, Y's action triggers before X's action. So if X were a scan code (x) and Y were a scan code (y), and I quickly pressed X, then pressed Y, then released Y, the string "yx" would appear. It does have to be fast, though - I don't know the exact timing, maybe <250 milliseconds from X's press to Y's release. This doesn't occur if Y is held, or if X is released before Y is pressed.

I know this is an obscure issue, but I'm trying to get a chording keyboard working using Touch-It and AutoHotKey, and this particular case is actually quite important for fast typing. If there's a solution, or even a work-around, please let me know.


EDIT: Doing some more playing around, I can't actually tell if it's an issue with Touch-It or with the multitouch on my computer. If you can't replicate it, odds are it's not your problem.

EDIT 2: It's looking more and more like an issue with my computer (Microsoft Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10), so no need to worry. I'll leave this up in case someone else experiences this, too.

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