Usability Suggestions from First Time User

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Usability Suggestions from First Time User

Postby cadman » Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:42 pm

First off great work on the keyboard. It's so much nicer than the horrible one Windows 8.1 has built in. It's been one of the nicest and by far the most reliable one I have tried.

I'm testing it on a Dell Venue 8 pro with Windows 8.1. I usually try to design for this with any new software I work on now because the 8" tablet is a nice small form factor so it it works well on that it should scale up nicely to other devices.

As a fellow programmer here's a few usability suggestions I have for you. Again I can't stress how this is one of the best one's I have tried so far which is why I'm taking the time to give you what hopefully you will see as great feedback.

1.) On the install make sure you put an icon on the desktop to restart it. Shortly after the install I had it crash and with the Windows Keyboard Disabled you are basically screwed on Windows 8.1 then. You have to go back to the Windows Modern Start Menu and remember how to get all the Apps showing in order to find it to restart it.
2.) Also it would be nice if one tries to restart the Touch-It app that it brings up the Keyboard. Just because then one could pin the app to the Taskbar and start it from there if needed.
3.) If someone closes your program or uses the Kill It app it would be nice if you restarted the original Windows Virtual Keyboard.
3.) A secondary app to monitor yours would be helpful such that if yours gets shut down or crashes you can restart the standard Windows keyboard back up.
4.) It would really be nice if you could tie into the standard Windows keyboard so that it's button on the right hand side of the taskbar would then open up your keyboard just like users would be used to.
5.) Or install a taskbar icon next to the original Windows keyboard icon.
6.) For the Setup Screen since it's designed for touchscreeens it would be nice if you would open the window in the upper left of the screen so it's not partially hidden behind the keyboard. Also larger font sizes would be nice so the grid controls are easier to work on an 8" tablet.

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