More built in Press and Hold Keys

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More built in Press and Hold Keys

Postby cadman » Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:14 pm

For every key in the English Keyboard it would be great if it had options for lowercase, uppercase and then any additional options you already have. In addition the top level it would be nice they were lower case, upper case, number, shift number, Function Key.
So q would have options like q Q 1 ! Fn1
w would be w W 2 @ Fn2
This would greatly reduce having to switch back and forth between the keyboards as well and especially make typing passwords much easier.

There's also a bug in the Press and Hold in that if you define qQ it only works if the Caps lock is on. Otherwise it gives you options of q q

Also if the Ctrl key could have Press and Hold shortcuts for things like Cut(Ctrl-X), Copy(Ctrl-C), Paste(Ctrl-V).

I was able to finally figure out in the Setup how to add a new row by using the arrow down from the last one so I can add them in myself but I think many users would find them built-in to be most helpful. Also I didn't see how one could define a Fn1 in the press and hold

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