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Postby chessware » Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:47 pm

Please read this first before posting contributions.
  • Upload only quality works.
  • Attachment size is limited to 1 MB.
  • Give an accurate description. Optionally attach a screenshot.
  • Specify which Touch-It version was used for your testing.
  • When posting a full keyboard installer created with the Designer, do not pack the Touch-It installer in it.
  • All contributions are reviewed by moderators and will be online only after their approval.
Use the appropriate topic tag:
  • [Installer] : Ready to use keyboards. Installers created with the Designer.
  • [Image] : Images only.
  • [Theme] : Images along with a kbl file containing the theme settings only.
  • [Layout] : keyboard layouts (with/without theme).
  • [Script] : Pascal scripts only.

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