Issues with login and keyboard functionality

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Issues with login and keyboard functionality

Postby rockazona » Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:06 am

Great keyboard. Best I've seen on the web. I looked at most of the topics in problems and solutions but didn't see anything that matched my experience. See bullets below. Hope I get answers.

- When I login to the computer I get a ctrl alt del and circle T on the bottom right corner. I don't need touch it to login and can't turn it off. I click the T and it brings up a keyboard that I don't want then I have to close it. How do you turn touch it off completely until I need it?

- Only way to switch from compact keyboard to extended keyboard is to reload software. Some of the keys on extended keyboard are blank. I'm happy with the compact keyboard but not sure why extended has blank keys?

- My biggest problem is you can't resize the keyboard or move it around the screen. Is there a way to do that?

- I also noticed the function keys don't work, not sure why?

- To purchase 5 to 9, there is an amount posted but is that the total amount or per activation code? Is it US dollars of British pounds? I only need 2. It's not clear.

Anyway, great keyboard but it has some issues. Thanks... look forward to your response. I have a brand new touch screen laptop with windows 10 with the latest revisions on it.

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